Friday, August 26, 2011

{Weekend Update: Babies and more Babies}

I want to share with you a weekend update before another weekend happens! This week has just flown by. I started my new routine of going to school Monday-Thursday in the mornings and then going to work until 5-5:30. It's been a busy schedule but having the chance to go back to school and the support from my husband, family and friends makes it all worth while. Thanks guys!

Last Friday morning I took off early to meet some long lost friends and their new additions at our favorite place, Olive Garden. It had literally been 5 years since us girls got together. Before husbands and definitely before babies. It was great to catch up and get some baby love from their precious kids.

Very serious Nash
This is Mr. Nash Whittan Jackson. He is Robin and Blake Jackson's precious little boy.

Me and Jo
This is super cute Miss Jolie Renee Stevenson. Or as most call her Jo or JoJo! She is Kristin and Sean Stevenson's little miss!

After a more than filling lunch at Olive Garden I headed over to see my favorite two year old, Olivia Faye. If you have read my other posts you'll know who Olivia is. If you haven't, you should, haha. She is the most energetic little girl I have ever met and just absolutely crazy and precious. Here is a recent video I took of Olivia and her Mom and Dad. They might have done some brainwashing...

Then, on Saturday morning I got to be a part of a baby shower for my good friend Jennifer and her soon to arrive little miss Ella. She got so many cute gifts and I can't wait to see Miss Ella wear them around town. When you're ready to come out girlfriend... we're waiting! Here are a few pictures from the shower.

Molly, Myself, and Leeann. Love you girls! 

Jenn (with Ella), Myself, and Vanessa (with Caden). We can't wait to meet you both! 

All my lovely "Woodlands" girls! Miss you! 

mike + sam

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