Thursday, June 14, 2012

{Michael's birthday in pictures}

  1. Happy about a new shirt and baseball cap (not pictured) from his favorite bike shop.
  2. Juan in a Million = best breakfast taco place in Austin
  3. Several pounds of potato, bacon, eggs, and cheese or better known as The "Don Juan" 
  4. Played some Ms. Pac-Man while waiting for our movie, Prometheus to start.
  5. We always have to visit Whole Foods while downtown. The people, smells, and fooood. Love it. (Grabbed some iced tea and chocolate chip cookies for the movie). 
  6. Took an evening drive in the '66. Pure bliss. 
I also made his favorite dinner, tortellini with marina sauce and a caesar salad. I hope you had a great 29th birthday, honey! 


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